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Eiffel Tower Paris Packer Bar Arc d Triumph

2014 buck Da UP Valdez Clark SD Frank & pumpkin with elvis rock bottom lobster turtle ambulance 7 mile bridge Southern point Yokota Air Base Ho Chi Minh DMZ Ohare Zakopane Poland Lambeau Packer fans New Mexico Pumpkin Dublin Ron Peters Cave Japan Tokyo Mickey Mouse Cow Collar Lambeau Mt Rushmore Grand Canyon Darth Vadar Bar

Julies Bear Ecuador

London Bridge Big Ben Trafalger Square

Star Trek Mt Rushmore Bloody Mary Hippie Blues Lake Santaland Halls Creek

Propeller Gator Lizard Hobo Dinner Ball field expressway Mini Golf Indiana Dunes Dinner in China Hong Kong Bagram Bagram2 Horse Park LiquorWabash & Erie Alaska Pittsboro Adopt a street Spain Madrid Spain ink Tractor superman Hair St Andrews Clubhouse Rio De Janeiro Hereford, Tx London, EnglandBaum Lane Badlands Wall Drug Store Altenburg Dairy Rafter Game Fire Engine

Superheros Taipei Taipei Elevator

5 Girls Ireland Meeker, Colorado Beach Gril Jackson Hole Rocky Mtn National Park Mount Rainier Hatfields Dinner Show

Baby State Dart Team Fish on

Horsfalls Thirsty Beaver

Boston 2014 Polar Plunge Boston

Spring river sliver man JB hiding

Muskie Muskie shack Longbow

Mayoral candidate Dells Volcano

Cancun Eastern Argentina Cancun

Wisconsin map Gymnast Bar

Dakota Meyer

Group Drunk Tourist Woody's Badger party Ramstein Air Base

2 girls 2 guys

Alabama Jacks Needles CA

Grandpa JB

Polar Bear San Diego

Lumpy's Ice House Bear London Bridge Mona Lisa Paris Luton Sims Poker Run Coast Guard ShipMermaid Mexico Beach Fl

Big Ben Bath Roman Ruins Kilarney Park Ireland Hawaii New Zealand Saun Lum Pops Soda Cadillac Ranch White Sands

Trophy Rock Packer Mary Hills Jct JB wolf Hovenweep Texas Santa finger Ducks

dEEPWATER Asgard Deepwater


Deepwater Asgard Dress up corner of 162 and 71 Afghanistan aFGHANISTAN

Closeup Alabama Jacks

Wedding Southern Point

Luke Krisch Andrea De Rosa Scalded Hog Hunters Zombies

Meeker, CO Baraboo Country Club Horse Ball Park Bald River Falls Purple People Bridge Hayward, WI Rabbit Hash KY Upper MI Chicago Feathers Siena Italy Paris Museum of Decorative Arts Siena Italy

Canadian mountains Matterhorn Canada Bush Bear Packer game Dollywood Packer game Harrisburg

Pray Days superheros

Niagra Falls Niagra Falls Niagria Falls stadium Iola car show Pella, Iowa
Giant redwoods Pittville Yellow man Possum Public Enemies


long hair Reno Bathtub Red duckfaceLeroy, John & Gale
Armstrong Station LBF Bear Lodge
Lyon, France Lollipop kid Truck teeth

Tootsies Graveyard Rome

Polar Plunge Baghdad Polar Plunge 2

Lunch Hazelhurst Wis Pinehurst, NC Winter Resort Cozumel

Dale's Dozer

Kyle Busch at the races Top ex Matt Kenseth Michael Wlatrop
The bar In port

Baseball hall of fame Baby shopper Grandpa & bunny Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Farmer Wayne

Taco Bus Fishing Beckers REsort Badlands

Butts County LambeauSanta? Italy Italy

Arm Skyline Senor Frog Appleton Estate

JamaciaGale & JB Rabbit Hash, KYLoveless Baum Motor CO Metropolis Bib Bone Lick Nepal Go Pack

London, England Canadian Border Bath England Color Breed Congress

Loretta Lynn Concert Pumpkin Heads

Shanghai Port Arnasas Dancer Alhambra in Granada Spain Band Circle Creek Road Tour de France La Mancha, Spain Machu Picchu Stadium

Miller Park John & Gail Coors Park, Denver Midnight Moongirls in pink City Point City Point City Point days HorseNapa Valley

Viking Hat Chicken, AK Sturgis Plane with teeth Boot Camp Super Chub KiltsSturgisMarshfield Hub City Days Marshfield Hub City Store Front

Florida Bozeman, MT Animal Kingdom FL Marshfield Village Sturgis Wall Drug Truck world

Bangkok Talkeetna, AK New Zealand Hatchers Pass, AK Talkeetna, AK Maui Texas Ranager Hall of Fame Wild Wednesday

National Equestrian Center Peru National Equestrian Center Houston Space Center

border Racine Fenway Park Fenway

Ann in New Mexico On CeilingArch Out West

Baseball champs

Breast Cancer outing Beer JB and clown

4 generations Alice in Pittsville Lafayette Park Alice and John Puerto Vallarta


Berlin, Germany Carlsbad Cavern Wet India Rotary Convention Rotary convention

Route 66 BannerStatue

Thailand Golf Course Korean War Memorial Thailand Golf Course

Pradesh, India Blacksage pass squirrel

Chianti, Italy  The Masters China's Army Seattle Safeco Field Seattle Fish market Bahamas

La Crosse Polor Plunge Miami Cruise

Antigua Antigua

Alhambra, Granada Spain Granada, Spain South Dakota

Alaska Fish Sanctuary

Prabang, Laos Buddha statue Beer in Laos West Allis kids Pro Bowl 2012

Flippin, Arkansas Grand Palace Flippin Police Car

Baby Cal

3 girls Christmas at Laubeau Lambeau

Germany Cancun German Rail Station

Sam Rocket

Outhouse Kennedy Space Center

Corn Field Niagara Falls candy aisle Folsom State Prison

Robot Honeymoon Honeymoon2 Barcelona Group in Barcelona

Outer Banks Halloween


Guam Niagra

Rocky MountainCircle City Akgay

Viking fans

Hong Kong Harbor Galvaston Key West, US 1 Green Bay Carriage

in the kitchen Wiskey Dicks Dayton

Santorini Knossos Koutouloufari, Crete

Lubeck Germany New York harbor Air Force C-130 Coffee Pot Vermont Lubec Up high Flight 93 Memorial

Stockholm Ireland PackersWildcat Mtn Wisconsin Dells Young Lake Lodge Argentina San Fran

Old Faithful Range 1, NW Iraq Yellowstone

John & Gale China Snakes alive
Vaxholm Sweden Kruger National Park, South Africa

Mount Hood Mackinac Bridge Brewer Game

American History Museum Smithsonian Board Room Washington DC


Munich English GardenMunich Olympic Park Cozumel

Motorcycle Kenton, TN Key West, FL

Cosley Zoo Oslo, Norway Racine, WI

Pooley's Sports Bar Spread Eagle, WIParliment Budapest Hungary Budapest, Hungary Vegar Fire & Rescue Vegas Show

Dallas, TX Superbowl 45 Outside Dallas stadium

Polar Plunge Gale & JB John & freinds Ocean

Denver Beer FestGreat Wall of China Breast Cancer Survirors

Oklahoma Texas

Green Bay Casino

Tokyo Imperial Palace Hell Michigan 2010 Class TripTybee Island Mount Vernon

WWIIUS Capital

New Orleans Ellis Island, NY New York City Key West

Dragon Tooele Grand Canyon

Germany Rayburn Office, US Capitol

Macedonia Geneva Sarajevo Albania Roger's BarPittsville

Black Dragon Canyon Alaska Austria

Int'l Falls Up North Sabaskong

Mosinee Fire Department Airplane

Bike relatives Manchester, Iowa

Sunset Strip, CAHooter's

St. Louis, MO Roswell, NM

Mt. Hood, OR Crater Lake, ORBeach

Lamoth, CA Glenallen, AK Racine, WI

Alexis with policeman Alexis with the Baums Dream Girls USA

San Jaun Snakes at Wildwood Ellen in Texas

Gator or Crock? Snakes in Marshfield

Kansas Bakers in the cockpit With the pilot


Hooters At the game Idaho

Married in Mexico Virgin Islands

At the beach Wickenberg, AZ Vacation

Hoover Dam Jerome, AZ Route 66 in CA

La Crosse Polar Plunge Austin, NV Pony Express Territory


Colorful Hoover Dam

Iceberg Lake TDS tower

Marilyn Ortner in Texas

Brian Potter & Kay Nelson Hardrock Cafe

Luke Survives! Waterfalls Ely Winterfest

Kohl CenterBadger's 2009 trophy Kohl Center

New Bedford, MA New Bedford fish plant

Over souothern IRAQ

Hershey, PA Gettysburg

Under sea

Fountain What a gang


New York Cheers Where in Alaska


Green Bay

By the water Baseball game Legoland

Pam in Germany Dennis in Germany Aidaura in Hamburg

Pisa Olli in Sears Tower John and Olli Intercourse

Country Jam Pretty in pink Country Jam

Miller Park Miller Park Mascots

South Carolina with James Dean S.C. waterfall

Bathtub in Berlin In Berlin Berlin

Dave in jail

Continential Divide Continential Divide

Where am I? Painesdale

Railroad crossing

I think it is over there

With Eddie George

WabashaCounty JB

Welcome to Pittsville Amazon River School Bus Peru

Bolivia Women in Bolivia

By the Pool Going to Church

Farm in Norway

800 feet below

Pyramid in Egypt Fishing

Train Station Center of State

In Canada Royal Canadian Mounted Moose

Georgia/South Carolina state Line North Carolina/Tennessee State Line

Guess where I am...

Iola Car Show Iola Car Show

Jail - 1873

Sailing Center Road Canc House

Pepsi Display

Vegas Show Girls

Gold Nugget

Lunar Module Soldier in Iraq Tank in Iraq Wedding in Jamaca

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